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Delro Rosco in his studio

Delro Rosco creates illustrations that are mouthwatering and inviting with vast appeal that serve as key components for consumer goods packaging designs. His expertise and meticulous attention to detail transforms and elevates everyday objects into stunning works of art.

Nationally recognized as one of the premier food illustrators, he has worked for many award winning design firms, prestigious advertising agencies and highly visible corporations for over 30 years. The Society of Illustrators of New York and Los Angeles, American Illustration, the National Watercolor Society, and Print Magazine have honored his work.

Born and raised in Hawaii, and educated on the mainland, Delro is also an accomplished contemporary painter whose work is included in private and corporate collections.

About the Art

Del Mont Peaches Sketch

Delro begins by hand-drawing sketches with pencil and paper. Although he began his illustration career using watercolor, Delro has mastered the technique of working digitally. Today, he scans the pencil sketches and uses them as the basis for digital painting and strives to retain the same “hand done” feel, textures and vibrancy of the original watercolors.